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Science at Heston Primary School

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Science Vision

At Heston Primary School, we intend to foster life-long curiosity in our children so that they are inspired to enquire about the world around them and question what they find. To accomplish this, we will provide a stimulating and exciting curriculum that equips children with the skills to carry out investigations and effectively articulate their discoveries.

Science Principles

  • Children are curious, engaged and excited about science      lessons.
  • Children ask questions and carry out science investigations using the five different enquiry types.
  • Children work collaboratively and use a range of resources both indoors and outdoors.
  • Children use scientific vocabulary to describe and explain the results of their investigations.
  • Children make cross-curricular links to other units and    subjects.
  • Children can relate their learning in science to real life      experiences.
  • Children make good progress in science.
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