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Our Governing Body consists of 12 governors: 1 Local Authority governors, 2 parent governors, 2 staff governors and 7 co-opted governors.

Governors support the strategic work of the school and are currently organised into 3 committees:

  • Achievement and curriculum

  • Finance and General 

  • Appraisal and Pay

Governors work alongside school staff and take decisions affecting the strategic direction of the school. Governors act as ‘critical friends’ and are responsible for holding the school to account and support the school in its endeavour to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life.The permanent governing body for the school was established in November 2011 and then re-constituted in April 2015. In order to  gain a first hand impression of what it is like to be a pupil at Heston Primary School governors visited for a day, joined the children for lunch and playtime and attended lessons across the whole age range.

Parent Governors

Mr M Rafiq

Mrs R Baryan (chair)

Staff Governors

Mrs Behar (Head Teacher)

Miss Lester

Local Authority Governor

Ms U. Chaudri

Co-Opted Governors

Mr K Sidhu

Mrs D Mann (vice-chair)

Ms S Welch

Mr K Karawadhra

Mr R Regnier



Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs D Howley